(SLR-CK04-BK) SLR Airsoftworks 4.7

(SLR-CK04-BK) SLR Airsoftworks 4.7


All Actual Trademarks In Deep Laser Engraved Authorized by SLR Rifleworks LLC

Complete Rail Drop-in Kit for Replacing the OEM Tokyo Marui AKM GBBR Front Hand Guard.

Package included:

SLR Airsoftworks 4.7" Light Mlok EXT Extended Rail

DRACO Style AK Front Sight 

AK Pistol Length Outer Barrel (140mm)

AK Pistol Length Dummy Piston (Professional Modification Required on Dummy Piston Installation)

Material: 6061 Aluminum with Hard Coat Anodizing

Net Weight: 425g / Gross Weight: 510g

Install Menu: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sxfhbzqh6f2uvqm/MU-4.7AKM%205-5-2022.pdf?dl=0